Which Power Bank is The Best? – Power Bank Under ₹800

Nowadays everyone needs to have a power bank of 10,000mAH or 20000mAH. From traveling or playing games to watching movies on mobile. Power backup is a requirement. So different types of companies in the market sell power banks at different price levels. But it would not be right for us to buy a power bank just to back up the power. There is a lot of caution required.

The build quality of the power bank needs to be very good. power bank must be shockproof, water, or splashproof. This creates a layer of extra protection. After many features were added to Power Bank, we call it the best power bank. Here are the 7 best power banks for you for less than Rs 800. This will definitely help you buy the best power bank.

7 Best Power Banks Under ₹800


Best Features



Realme 10000mAh 12W Power Bank 2i

  • 12W Two-Way Fast Charge

  • Low Current Mode

  • High Density Battery

  • 14 Layer Protection

  • Price - ₹799


Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 3i

  • Dual USB Output

  • Type-C + Micro USB

  • Low Power Mode

  • Light Weight

  • Price - ₹799


pTron Dynamo Pro 10000mAh 18W QC3.0

  • 18W Fast Charge

  • Dual Input & Output

  • Slim Design

  • Multiple Protection

  • Price - ₹699


Zinq 10000mAh Li-Polymer Power Bank

  • Two USB Ports

  • Stunning Design

  • Good Quality

  • Compact Size

  • Price - ₹499


URBN 10000 mAh Ultra Compact Power Bank

  • 2.1A Fast Charge

  • Dual Ports

  • Travel Friendly

  • Soft Touch Finish

  • Price - ₹499


Croma 10W Fast Charge 10000mAh Power Bank

  • Tata Product

  • 10W Output

  • Better Protection

  • Made in India

  • Price - ₹599


Ambrane 10000mAh Powerbank

  • Smart Charging

  • Sleek Feel Design

  • Dual USB Ports

  • 9 Layer Protection

  • Price - ₹599

Check Out

1. Realme 10000mAh Power Bank (2i)

This power bank will be right for you if you need the best quality power bank under ₹800. This is the best power bank with a multi-layer of protection. There are two USB outputs. You can charge the power bank with a micro USB or type-c connector. This is the best low-cost 10000mAH power bank. But this power bank has a high-density battery. Which will benefit you for long time use.

If you have multiple little gadgets like a smartwatch, smart band, or Bluetooth neckband. Then you can charge all these gadgets easily with the low current mode. And your gadgets will be saved from high currents.


  • High-Density Battery
  • Very Good Build Quality
  • Slim and Unique Design
  • Low Current Mode


  • Nothing Found

2. Mi 10000mAH Power Bank 3i

If you are a brand lover and like the brand Xiaomi very much. Then will suggest you buy this power bank. Mi is also one of the best and most popular brands in India. This power bank also has a multi-layer of protection. Two USB outputs can give to charge two devices at a time.

With the low power mode, you can charge your gadgets seamlessly. If you double-tap the power button of this power bank. The low power mode will be activated. I will suggest you buy this power bank at the Great Indian Sale on Amazon. You will get it at a cheap price.


  • Looks Premium
  • Two USB Outputs
  • Type-C & Micro USB Inputs
  • Unique Color
  • 12 Layer Protection


  • Nothing Found

3. PTron Dynamo Pro 10000mAh

PTron dynamo pro supports 18w quick charge 3.0. It comes with both the type-c and micro USB inputs. And two USB outputs help you to charge two devices simultaneously. If you want a cheap power bank under ₹499. This will be perfect for you. Because the price of this power bank decreased to ₹399. Today a 10000mAH battery-powered power bank is better at this price.


  • Sleek Design
  • Low Price
  • Type-C Support
  • Metal Body


  • Only One USB Port
  • No Fast Charge

4. Zinq 10000mAh Li-Poly Power Bank

Extreme usage of the phone for gaming or playing music can empty your battery too often. The 12W outputs enable extremely fast charging for all kinds of smartphones. The device has a battery indicator that helps you make sure your power bank is always charged. The slim design makes it very pocket-friendly. A Multi-layer of shield keeps your device safeguarded at all times.


  • Price Low as ₹299
  • Fair USB Length
  • Dual Input
  • Handy to Carry


  • Charging Time 8 to 10 Hours
  • Feels Slippery

5. URBN 10000mAh Power Bank

The Urbn Power Bank has a high-capacity lithium-polymer battery. It has a 2.1 Amp fast charge feature and it charges your devices with lightning speed. With twin inputs, no more queueing your tools with the Urbn Power Bank. The Bureau of Indian Standard confirms that this power bank is safe for hiking purposes. It comes with a soft-touch finish. And this power bank shows four LED indicators while charging.


  • No Heating Issues
  • Premium Look
  • Small Size
  • Full Charge in 3 Hours


  • USB Cable Short
  • High Chance of Defect

6. Croma 10000mAh Power Bank

This Croma 10W fast charge 10000mAh lithium polymer battery including a power bank is a made-in-India product. This power bank is manufactured by the Indian reputed company TATA. So your choice will be easier. This power bank is ideal for mobile phones and tablets. If you want to buy this one, then buy it during the sale time.


  • Indian Product
  • Tata Powered Product
  • Slim Design
  • Two Inputs
  • Two USB Outputs
  • No Heating
  • Best For Mobile & Tablets


  • No Automatic Protection

7. Ambrane 10000mAh Powerbank

This power bank offers 9-layer protection with a high-quality chipset. It has two USB ports to charge two devices at a time. You will see LED indicators when charging. Its sleek and stylish design looks great and it is also nice to hold in hand. You can buy this Ambrane 10000mAh Li-Polymer Powerbank directly from Amazon by clicking on our best buy now link.


  • 9 Layer Protection
  • Dual Outputs
  • Sleek Design
  • Higher Level of Sold


  • Moderate Chance of Defect


All the above best power banks are under ₹800 only. If you want power banks under ₹400 then,

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