Best Table Fan in India Under ₹2000

Best table fan in India: Table fans are compact, convenient, and easily placed on a table or desk. They are portable, energy-efficient, and affordable, occupying minimal space, and can be effortlessly moved.

If your budget is around Rs.2000, consider purchasing a table fan ranging in price from Rs.1000 to Rs.3000, offering various options. Check out our curated list of the best table fans below to choose based on your specific requirements.

Best Table Fans in India

  1. USHA Mist Air Icy Table Fan
  2. Bajaj Midea BT-07 Table Fan
  3. V-Guard Gatimaan TF Table Fan
  4. AmazonBasics Table Fan
  5. Crompton Wave Plus Table Fan
  6. Bajaj Esteem Table Fan

1# USHA Mist Air Icy Table Fan

The USHA Mist Air Icy Table Fan is a stylish purple fan with a sleek design and powerful motor for strong airflow. It offers three-speed control for adjustable fan speed and easy cleaning with its removable grill. Additionally, it has an oscillation feature for effective air circulation.

best table fan

2# Bajaj Midea BT-07 Table Fan

The Bajaj Midea BT-07 Table Fan is a powerful and efficient white fan with 24-hour continuous operation. It has a three-speed control switch and is easy to clean. Its silent operation is a major advantage.

best table fan

3# V-Guard Gatimaan TF Table Fan

The V-Guard Gatimaan TF Table Fans are renowned for their speed and durability. With aerodynamic blades, they offer excellent air delivery. V-Guard consistently utilizes robust motors, guaranteeing exceptional quality. Invest wisely in this remarkable fan for the ultimate fan companion.

best table fan

4#AmazonBasics Table Fan

The white AmazonBasics Table Fan is sold by Amazon under its brand, guaranteeing reliability and making it a great choice for all consumers. With affordable prices, it’s highly recommended for those on a moderate budget.

best table fan

5# Crompton Wave Plus Table Fan

The Crompton Wave Plus Table Fan is a popular Indian brand with a 2-year motor warranty. It is a durable and efficient choice for your home and kitchen, with low power consumption for energy and cost savings.

best table fan

6# Bajaj Esteem Table Fan

The Bajaj Esteem Table Fan is a high-performance, quiet fan with a durable motor and overload protection for safe and uninterrupted use. Trust it for efficient cooling without worrying about overheating.

best table fan


When purchasing a table fan, consider its performance, energy efficiency, noise level, size, and design to meet your needs.

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