Why Croma Website Down And Not Working – Know The Reason

Croma Website Down: As of late, as you can see, Chroma’s website is not currently functioning. In reality, TATA Chroma’s website that sells its products has completely stopped working despite being such a large company. So we will tell you here why the Croma website is down and not currently working.

Why Croma Website Down

When the Croma company released a teaser to give the iPhone at a very low price, instantly everyone started searching the website. And they found that the Croma website is down and not working. Perhaps the web hosting of the Chroma website was not that powerful, so when a lot of people came together on the site, the site got down.


Chroma’s web server may not be working properly for the time being that’s why you are not seeing any content on the site. There is no update from Croma about this yet, how far the website will be restored? This has happened for the first time with the Croma website, that’s why even chroma had no idea that so much traffic would come in 1 day. The main reason why the Croma website is down is that the iPhone is priced much less than what it is.

Tata Croma iPhone 13

A teaser page on the Croma website is showing that the price of the iPhone 13 is going to be ₹51990. If you look at the price of the iPhone 13, it is officially available to you for ₹69900.

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The Croma company has made a huge difference in the Diwali sale on the iPhone 13. You are aware of the controversy surrounding the iPhone in India. Every Indian wants to have an iPhone. But due to the high price of the iPhone, no ordinary person tries to buy it. iPhone is very expensive that’s why Croma company made a promise to give it with a large discount.

Tata Croma iPhone 13 Price

You can check on the Livemint news website to find out the current price of the iPhone before it becomes available on the Croma website. If you are an iPhone lover and want to buy an iPhone 13 at a very low price, then you can buy it by visiting the Chroma website when it is restored.

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