Why Croma Website Down : Know The Reason

We have noticed that the Croma website is currently experiencing technical difficulties. As a prominent company like TATA Chroma, their online platform for product sales is currently inaccessible. We would like to explain the current unavailability of the Croma website.

Why Croma Website Down

After Croma released a teaser announcing discounted iPhones, many people rushed to their website to find the product. Unfortunately, the Croma website was inaccessible and not working. It seems that the website’s hosting capabilities were not strong enough to handle the high number of visitors, causing it to temporarily shut down.


Chroma’s web server is down, leaving the site empty. No updates on restoration progress have been given. It’s unclear when the site will be back up. This is the first time this has happened, surprising Chroma due to a sudden surge in traffic caused by lower iPhone prices.

Tata Croma iPhone 13

The Croma website teaser page listed the iPhone 13 at ₹51990, but the official price is ₹69900.

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The iPhone 13 Diwali sale had a major impact on Croma, addressing the well-known controversy surrounding the iPhone in India. Indians aspire to own an iPhone, but the high price discourages many. Croma has committed to offering a significant discount, making it more affordable for a larger audience.

Tata Croma iPhone 13 Price

To find the iPhone’s current price before it’s available on Croma, check Livemint. If you want to buy an iPhone 13 at a discounted price, visit Croma once it’s back online.

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